WAEC GCE Civic Education Questions and answers 2020/2021

WAEC GCE Civic Education Questions and answers 2020/2021.

This is for those looking for the WAEC GCE Civic Education Questions and answers 2020/2021.

So if you are looking for the WAEC GCE Civic Education Questions and answers 2020/2021, then you will have all the necessary here.

I want to share the WAEC GCE Civic Education Questions and answers 2020/2021 expos with you today.

So stay calm and follow this post gradually.

This is a complete WAEC GCE Civic Education Questions and answers 2020/2021 guides,tips and Expos.

WAEC GCE Civic Education Questions and answers 2020/2021 Tips

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Still on WAEC GCE Civic Education Questions and answers 2020/2021.

What do you actually need for excellent performance in WAEC GCE exam?

Although the a lot of students do make mistake of coming online to look for free WAEC GCE Civic Education Questions and answers 2020/2021, There are other easy ways to use which will help you to answer any WAEC GCE question on any subject.

WAEC GCE Civic Education Questions and answers 2020/2021 Easy guides.

Complete GCE Guide For You. Make sure you follow this GCE answers properly

This is an easy guide of how to tackle WAEC GCE Civic Education Questions and answers 2020/2021.

Other Important WAEC GCE POSTS


It is normal to have the feeling that you have not read enough. As a matter of fact, you will always have one or two topics left uncovered. Therefore, don’t let the fear of what you have not read to weigh you down.

 pass WAEC examination easily

-Bring out your WAEC GCE syllabus and check out the hot topics you are yet to cover. -Bring out your notebook and jot the topics to be covered down.  Begin to plan how to finish them as soon as possible.

To pass WAEC GCE, you must be ready to triple your study time. Learn how to study for long hours with full concentration.

If you were studying for 2 hours, it is time to increase it to 6 hours and so on. Spend quality time so as to get a quality result.

The best place to study? Study at where produces the desired result for you. Get the recommended textbooks for your WAEC GCE and digest them carefully


Reading is very easy; anybody can do that. What is difficult is understanding and being able to remember what you have read.

If I may ask, what can you still remember from what you read last week? If you are having any challenge in reading for your exam, go through the articles below.

See Correct Waec Gce Answers 2020/2021 For all Subjects Here


Prepare and pass waec 2019/2020, 2021 examination

When I talk about the crowd, I mean the general saying that “you cannot pass WAEC GCE on your own“. Having such mindset alone can prepare you for correct failure.

Like I always say, it is either you succeed or you suck seeds and it is what you have in your head that takes you ahead. Failure begins with mindset. Have the believe that you cannot just fail.

If my article on how to prepare for waec and Jamb in two weeks could make someone who had not opened the subject before to pass, common! you have more than two weeks. Your success is sure.


Time is not a handset but an asset. It is one of the greatest asset given to man equally. What you do with time determines your level of success in WAEC GCE 2020/2021.

how to manage your time and pass WAEC in one sitting.

Mange your time well so as to pass WAEC GCE 2020/2021 Do the needful and take away even minor distractions.

Anyone that brings topics not related to WAEC GCE this period is not your friend. Break out from unprofitable relationships or friends for now; you can decided to go back after getting As in your WAEC GCE 2020/2021 result.


In every exam or class, there is this topic that gives issues. I know you have one or two subjects you are already afraid of in the upcoming WAEC GCE examination.

If you don’t face them now, they will face you later. The earlier you begin to face the strong subjects, the better for you.

For many, it is Physics or other calculation subjects while others hate theory topics.


Past questions are what I always advise candidates for any examination to digest. The number of past questions you tackle determines the number of future questions that you can attempt.

What are the secrets to pass WAEC examination

Waec repeats past questions and it is certain that they will repeat past questions in this year’s WAEC GCE.

Even if past questions are not repeated, yet it gives you exposure to how waec exams look like and how to answer the questions effectively.


Yes! always test whether you are prepared for your WAEC GCE. The good news is that you will benefit much from my online examination platform. Use it to test yourself. It will be fully packed for next years WAEC GCE.

How to prepare for WAEC examination

You may be wondering, how do I test myself? By picking a particular year in waec past question and answering all the questions as if you were live WAEC GCE Examination.

7. Kill Exam’s Fear

Don't be afraid to pass WAEC examination 2019/2020


Speed is one of the greatest need in today’s examination. You don’t have time. Be ready to work on your thinking, problem-solving and accuracy skills so as to get the best grades. I won’t dwell much on this…


Steps to pass WAEC examination easily

Dreams and target are what give drive towards success. Have positive dreams and target towards your exams. If you don’t pass now, you will come back and write it again. Putting all your effort this time is worth it.

Set Two Goals For Your WAEC GCE Exam

  • Short Term Goals: Say things like, I will study how to answer comprehension passages this afternoon, then at night I will revise statistics”. Breaking your reading down will help you cover a whole lot within a short while.
  • Long Term Targets: Say things like, I will score at least 6 As…... With this mare confession, you will not want to settle for less.

Do not wait for Expo. Expo will not help you. Rather make use of the WAEC GCE Civic Education Questions and answers 2020/2021 tips provided above and I promise you, you will do better in the WAEC GCE exam.

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