How to secure Facebook account from hackers


How to secure Facebook account from hackers

Are you experiencing some unnecessary hackers activities on your Facebook account? If yes, then it is high time you start learning How to secure Facebook account from hackers. Don’t stay behind and watch them with their attempts else, you will wake up one day just to sing a farewell to your Facebook account.

The activities of hacking of Facebook account has grown so high this days that all need to learn how to keep their own account safe. A lot of Facebook users are complaining bitterly about their Facebook account being hacked.

This guide on How to secure Facebook account from hackers is a very important one for those who want to learn more about their Facebook account security.



Getting your Facebook account hacked can be a very terrible lose. You will lose all your friends, photos, chats and other activities. So it is very important to learn How to secure Facebook account from hackers.



The first approach to secure your Facebook account and prevent it from being hacked is through the guide below.

  • Enable Login Notification:

You can enable Login Notification so that whenever any body (or a hacker) tries to login with your User ID and Password, you will receive a Notification on your cell phone and you will come to know that it’s time to change your password right now because the hacker has got your password and is trying to log in to your Facebook Account.

How To Enable Login Notification

Go to Home -> Account Settings -> Security -> Login Notification. Put a Check Mark on your preferred option and

click Save Changes button.

  • Check Active Session:

Always check your Active Sessions. If you notice any unfamiliar location or device, it means your Facebook Account is at risk. Just click on End Activity and don’t forget to change your password after that.


How To Check Active Sessions

Go to Home -> Account Settings -> Security -> Active Sessions.

  • Enable Secure Browsing to make your account more secure.

How to enable Secure Browsing

Go to Home-> Account Settings -> Security -> Secure Browsing.



I guess you got he first step above. If you didn’t understand the upper guides, then this one also can help you to add more security to your Facebook account.

The following are other necessary steps you can use to keep your Facebook account from being hacked.


  • Log in to your Facebook account and visit your About page.
  • In the left-hand column, click Contact and Basic Info.
  • Hover your mouse over the Email field, then click the Edit button after it pops up.
  • Click the first down arrow to the right of the email address that you use to log in to Facebook, then select Only Me.
  • Next, click the down arrow on the far right and select Hidden from Timeline.Repeat steps 4 and 5 for any other email addresses that you wish to hide.

Click Save changes.


More security tips that will help secure you Facebook account.


Now that you have hidden your email address and selected a strong password,


Another way hackers can make their way into your Facebook account is via a rogue app. That’s why I recommend


  • Disabling any and all apps that you don’t use.
  • Prevent and uninstall tracking apps or software on your device.
  • Stop downloading and installing apps or Software from un-trusted sources.
  • Stop logging into your Facebook account on other people’s devices.
  • Always log out your Facebook account from other people’s account and disable auto login when looking in with other people’s device.
  • And finally, Facebook now allows you to place a fool-proof “lock” on your account’s login page by enabling Two-Factor Authentication on it

Do you still need to know more on How to secure Facebook account from hackers? If yes, then I guess you should never. The tips above is all that you need to keep your Facebook account secured.

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